In this section, we will regularly update you with important news regarding the progress of our documentary film about the most famous automobile race in the world, The 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Le Mans Phenomenon was selected to participate throughout the course of the “World FICTS Challenge 2012“, which will consist of 14 festivals around 5 continents.
You can now see the entire documentary film free of charge in the Press section on this website.
The documentary was officially selected for screening at the 28th ‘Sport Movies & TV 2010 – Milano International FICTS Festival’, which will take place from October 28 to November 2.
Our documentary was selected for screening at the 22nd edition of the festival of Czech films FINÁLE, which will take place between April 19 and 25, 2009, in Plzen. The film will be shown in the non-competitive section New Czech documentary films.
The nonpublic screening of the documentary took place yesterday, yay! The long search for a suitable venue paid off and the high quality of image and sound thrilled the whole team. Unfortunately, for the time being, our documentary will not be available for sale in the CR. We sold 30,000 DVD’s but so far only to partners of BPA Sport Marketing. The London-based company IMG is in charge of distribution for the time being. As soon as we know the date, when the documentary will be distributed on DVD, possibly cinemas, you will be the first to know.
Our DVD finally saw the light of the day! The unbelievable has come true and everything is done.
Yes, we found a cinema! We had a test run and everything is ready. The nonpublic screening will take place on November 19 in Cinema Světozor in Prague. Keep your fingers crossed!
e have still not given up on the plan to make a nonpublic screening of our documentary. We are on the hunt for a cinema that would be able to play digital format and 5.1 sound, which is not as easy as it may sound. Cinemas, which we like, do not satisfy the technical requirements. We hope that we will eventually find a solution to this problem and find a suitable venue.
We are currently finishing narration for the documentary. Martin Stránský took up the role of the Czech narrator, in the English version you will hear Robert Russell.
We are preparing a nonpublic screening for partners and makers of the documentary. However, our team has to face one obstacle after another, as the documentary has been made in digital format and it seems that to show it and have the image and the 5.1 sound in high quality is a task beyond human capabilities.
We are another step closer to finishing the documentary, we began putting together sound with image.
The sound is complete! It’s awesome, it will definitely take your breath away!
We are finishing the last things for the DVD such as the Menu. As we mentioned already, the DVD will include not only the film itself, but also bonuses, additional scenes, behind the scenes, making of, photo gallery, and a special bonus.
Today, we handed the whole film over to sound, to our favorite Studio Virtual.
The poster and cover of the DVD are complete. Now only a few touch-ups remain. You can have a look at the DVD cover and the disc label here: DVD cover , DVD
It could be said that our film is finished. Only minor cosmetic changes and then we dive into the sound studio. Preparation for the DVD, booklets and posters are in full swing.
Unbelievable! Thanks to Mr. Charouz, the producer of this film, we were capable of the impossible. We contacted Tom Kristensen's manager and on Friday we will visit this star of the race world to conduct an interview for our film. Filming will take place on the Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona.
We're back in the Prague editing room. Interesting personal views on the famous Le Mans race, from the mouths of racers and team leaders await you.
Today, our team will travel to the Silverstone track in England to film the final interviews with those who partook in the Le Mans race.
Our team visited Mariánské Lázně, where we met with five time winner of Le Mans, Frank Biela. This exceptional man revealed his experiences and feelings. We hope that he'll provide you with one of the most valuable answers as to why Le Mans is such a phenomenon.

And how is the music coming along? Vladimir Martinka has a lot on his hands these days. First everything was composed and prepared electronically. After which, as you will see in the trailer, everything was recorded live with a orchestra in a concert hall. Here's a little taste...
15.8. 2008
We're constantly dealing with the production of the DVD, as well as TV and theater distribution. The DVD should be available for sale at the end of October this year. You can expect a host of bonuses and alternative music which will keep you strapped to your seats.
10.8. 2008
At the moment our film is 124 minutes long. Exhaustion is catching up with us and we're experiencing a mix of stress accompanied with absolute euphoria when we view our almost completed work.
7.8. 2008
Very little is missing from musical perfection. The main protagonists are the German band The Roboters. We also invited three guests that will spice up our film. Vladimír Martinka, has about 4 weeks to compose music to accompany our film, along with Kateřina Mátlova and Petr Schel.
1.8. 2008
So far we have finished editing 24 minutes of the film. Our editing duo is powering through the process and our fingers are crossed for them.
25.7. 2008
Right now our film has an unbelievable 4 hours in length. The finalized version should be about 73 minutes. Well, let’s not jump ahead of ourselves.
19.7. 2008
Today we cut a short teaser for out film. It will appear on the 20th of July on Czech Television CT 24 in the evening hours, where our photographer, director and producer, Adolf Zika will appear in a live broadcast on the topic of current cultural happenings.
15.7. 2008
Today we are focusing on the music selection. It has become completely clear to our duo, what music to select. Now only to pick the right material, reach out to the authors and record companies, who own the rights. This will be a long track to run.
10.7. 2008
Today the first sequences of the film are created.
5.7. 2008
Our editing team „Bob Sean Clark“ consisting of cameraman Robert Bílý and director Adolf Zika have hundreds of hours in front of them in the dark room behind the editing desk. We are „offline“.
17.6. 2008
Approximately 50 hours worth of material was filmed.
Today the most intense work begins. We start off by winding the materials.
16.6. 2008
Our team says goodbye to the racetrack, the beautiful historical center Le Mansand slowly prepares their return.

15.6. 2008
The race ended exactly 24 hours after it began, just as it says in the name. Our team is engulfed in the unbelievable atmosphere of the incredible race 24 Hour Le Mans.

The roaring crowd, thousands upon thousands of people...
The entire team is pleasantly exhausted.
The equipment is being sent off on the same day. Just don’t forget anything. There are more than 60 boxes of equipment.
14.6. 2008
After much anticipation, the warm up round and the final preparations, the race finally started off at 3 PM.

13.6. 2008
The boxes were open to the public today.
And in the evening there was a driver’s parade through the center of the town.

12.6. 2008
Today another safety and technical check occurred, followed by the second qualification.
From the beginning of the week, each team focuses on the setup of the vehicles, the drivers become familiar with the track, and the atmosphere is palpable. There are countless attractions for the audience around the racecar track, which only adds to the excitement.

11.6. 2008
The second half of our team arrived this morning.
Later in the day there was a very important meeting between the managers and the racers. And in the evening the first qualification run took place.

9.6. 2008
The first half of our team arrived in Le Mans in the early morning hours. They were very nervous, anxiously awaiting the shipment of their equipment, which left Prague a day earlier. It’s no surprise since its value is around several million. Will it all arrive safely? Or did the truck get in an accident?? Who knows? Not all of it came in one piece.
In the afternoon hours there was safety and technical examination of the vehicles. The same occurred the following day as well.
Our team also caught a tour of the beautiful automobile museum, which was close to the racecar arena.